Civilization VI

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The Wonder War and Chungsu’s New Colors: Upcoming Changes to Beyond Earth: Rising Tide

The team will soon be releasing a new patch for Beyond Earth: Rising Tide. Read on for more details!

How Civilization V's Finance System Inspired One Couple's Budget

We talked with Alex Recker, the man who adapted Civilization V's finance system to help him in his daily life.

The Return of Civilization Battle Royale

We got a chance to catch up with TPangolin and ask him about the new version of Battle Royale and what makes it special.

Once in a Blue Moon

How can such small objects so far away from the Sun be geologically active? Read this blog post from Professor Stephen Kane and find out!

Hybrid Affinities in Rising Tide Revealed

Hybrids represent a society that may have a prominent Affinity, but also consider alternative possibilities for humanity.

Community Spotlight: WHoward, the Legacy Modder

In our Community Spotlight series, we talk with some of the most prolific and prominent members of the Civilization community.